Slidetrack Blinds Review

Australia has beautiful weather. But, sometimes unexpected storms and rains can stop you from enjoying your patio. If you install the best quality outdoor blinds, then you can enjoy your patio seamlessly.

Australian weather can be harsh sometimes. Hence, your blinds should be strong enough to protect you from these weather conditions.

Slidetrack is an Australian company and they manufacture their blinds in Australia. Their outdoor blind’s manufacturing technology is patented. As a result, you won’t find these strong blinds anywhere else.

Slidetrack supplies their outdoor blinds to all the Australian metro cities. This company has been in the blind’s business for over 10 years. They manufacture, supply, and install outdoor blinds. So, use Slidetrack blinds and transform your outdoor area completely.


Slidetrack Blinds Review


1) Multiple Products

Slidetrack manufactures residential and commercial blinds. You can have retractable outdoor blinds and straight roller blinds. These blinds come fully assembled. Moreover. you can operate these blinds manually and automatically (with the help of motors). You can use these blinds on your Veranda and patio.

Slidetrack’s commercial cafe blinds are also remarkable. You can use these blinds to protect your customers from the Sunlight. These blinds have different types of mounting options. Hence, you will find these blinds easy to install.


2) Supreme Quality Blinds

This Australian blinds company manufacture their own blinds. They use high-quality fabrics to manufacture these blinds. So, these blinds can protect you from wind and sun. These blinds have great locking mechanisms. Therefore, you can enjoy your patio during the rainy season. Even, bugs and pests can’t enter through these blinds.

3) Unique Designs

Without great designs, blinds look dull. Hence, Slidetrack offers many types of designs. Most of their designs are patented. So, these blinds are unique. You can also choose different types of colorful outdoor binds from Slidetrack’s website.


4) Custom Blinds

Your patio or cafe can be big. That’s why Slidetrack produces strong and sturdy blinds. These blinds can be 5000 mm wide and 3000 mm in height. So, the blinds can fit perfectly in a big place. You can also order them custom blinds.

These blinds can block out 85% of sunlight. If you prefer a darker place, then you can opt for more dense blackout fabric

(94% and 99%).


5) ISO Certified

Slidetrack’s blinds are certified by ISO. Apart from that. this company has partnered with Ozroll. Ozroll is a reputable company in Australia. Slidetrack’s designs and Ozroll’s technology have made these blinds one of the finest blinds in Australia.


All the above features make these blinds outstanding. These blinds are strong and durable. Hence, they are perfect for residential and commercial places. Slidetrack supplies and install their blinds in all the metro cities in Australia. So, you can order these blinds easily.

You can visit Slidetrack’s website to know more about their outdoor blinds. (