Do You Get Paid For Carers Leave


Your time off work to care for a family member is sadly not without financial benefits, though it can depend on where you live, your employment status, and the type of role you have. In the UK, employees get 12 weeks of general paternity or maternity leave. Part-time employees are entitled to four weeks of statutory maternity pay. In addition, employees can take 18 weeks’ unpaid leave to care for a family member, for example, a child, parent, or spouse. Different rules apply to self-employed workers, but it is still possible to be entitled to paid time off.

What is a carer’s leave?

If you’re the parent of a child with special needs, you should be aware that the government legislation around carers’ leave is complex and confusing. Carer’s leave is short-term leave available to parents of a child with special needs who are taking care of their child at home for at least six months. Carer’s leave is designed to give parents a break without jeopardizing their child’s welfare. Care leave is granted as a short-term leave from work. Parents can request a carer’s leave from their employer following their child with special needs’ recent diagnosis.

LeaveIf you’re a parent, you may qualify for unpaid carers leave from your job. If you’re eligible, your employer is required to make a reasonable effort to accommodate your need for carers leave, but these requirements vary by state. If your employer discriminates against you on the basis of your need for carers leave, you can file a complaint with the EEOC. Employees who are carers may find themselves in a situation where they need to take a period of leave to care for an ill relative. Some employers allow carers to access their paid carer’s leave, allowing them to benefit from the leave regardless of whether they are actively caring for the relative. These employers will pay the employee for the carer’s leave, but the employee is still entitled to pay for the hours they actually spend caring for their relative. However, not all employers have the same policies, so it’s worth checking with your employer to see if you are entitled to payment. Please read also about, superannuation for casual employees Australian Unions.

Where to buy ford ranger wheels Australia- know different options.

Owning a Ford ranger is a matter of pride as you are owner of one of the most reputable and popular vehicle that makes you stand out from the crowd. It is important that you keep your vehicle upgraded and for this you will need to choose the right kind of wheels so that the performance of your Ford ranger will be enhanced. Therefore, for the best selection of the wheels, you will need to do proper research about where to buy Ford Ranger wheels Australia so that you will get the place to make your purchase. You should search for the most reputable and reliable tyre and wheel stores when you will get a plethora of options for your Ford Ranger.

The best way for getting excellent quality Ford Ranger wheels is to search the internet so that you will get the names of stores that offer all variety of wheels for your vehicle. You also have the option of making online purchase of the wheels so that you can easily personalize the look of your vehicle in an effortless manner. There are many stores that also offer the opportunity of customizing the look and size of the wheels so that it will suit your specific taste and needs. You also have the option of choosing package deal for tyres and wheels so that you will get an updated look of the Ford vehicle and it will also ensure that the performance and grip of your vehicle will be enhanced.


There are many high quality wheels that are especially designed for your Ford Ranger and it offers a trendy, strong and rugged appeal to your vehicle. You can also buy toughest look wheels that will make your vehicle even more suitable for off roading so that you will get the intended benefits. Visit us at

Are Wheel and Tyre Packages Expensive in Australia?

They say that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but with cars, the first thing everyone looks at is the wheels. They are probably one of the most important parts of your vehicle and they need to be taken care of properly. Many people opt for wheel and tyre packages in Australia because they want their car to stand out from all others on the road. In this article, we will help you know whether wheel and tyre packages are expensive in Australia.

Buying Wheel and Tyre Packages in Australia

The total average spend of each Australian household is more than AUD$95,000 per year. A lot of that money goes towards car expenses, which are for vehicle purchases, fuel costs, and motor insurance premiums.


Wheel and tyre packages are not always available in every store. However, there are many places you can go to get a wheel and tyre package. If you are looking for one of these packages, it is important that you know the cost of the parts included in the package. Also, think about whether your car needs all four tyres included in the package.


Evaluate the Prices of Tyres and Wheels in Various Stores

Depending on your car model, you can find tyres and wheels in many stores in Australia. If you are looking for one of these packages, it is important that you know the cost of the parts included in the package and its cost. For Example, a popular tyre shop can offer four-wheel alignment services at a cheaper cost than getting each service separately. Buying wheels and tyres in bulk can help you save money!


Read Tyre Shop Reviews

Buying car wheels and tyres randomly in Australia might be costly. However, reading reviews for various tyre shops may help you find affordable tyre and wheel packages for your automobile. With prices updated daily, you will find what works for your budget.


In Australia, there are wheel and tyre packages available from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. Make sure that you are spending your money on the right are wheel and tyre packages. We highly recommended that you avoid buying are wheel and tyre packages from companies who are offering very cheap prices for their products, as they are offering are wheel and tyre packages at very low cost because they are of inferior quality.


Are you in Australia and looking for wheel and tyre packages? If so, there are various places you can buy at a reasonable price. For more information on wheel and tyre costs, please visit our website!

Multiskills Australia Review

Instead of having a multiskilled employee learn skills in typing, computer programming, and financial analysis separately where the employer hires multiple employees for different levels of expertise. Multiskills is a Job Training Developed Specifically For You that aims to make an individual marketable in more than one skill area. Mentoring, training, and job opportunities are all multiskills focuses on creating graduates who can work in any field and perform well.


Multiskills Jobs:

An example of what multi skills Australia offers its students/graduates:

Graduates from multiskill’s programs have been placed into top employers including Commonwealth Bank, Telstra, National Australia Bank as well as Council of Adult Education providers. They can also work in Government offices, TAFE, and multiskills as a multiskill provider themselves to repeat an apprenticeship for multiskills Australia.

Apart from the multiskills Australia logo placed on their business card or CV the following multiskills training may be printed out on paper by graduates: Multiskills Certificate I & II, National Award of Recognition in Multiskilling, Australian Apprenticeships Future Skills Short Course Level 1 & 2 (repeatable).

The multi-skills program rose from a partnership between government, industry, and unions which led to the multiskills national training project. The objective was to develop new multiskilled workers who were able to enter into high-earning jobs. The multiskills program was responsible for developing multiskilled apprentices and multiskilling opportunities in Australia. This led to a multiskill summit which included representatives from unions, state training authorities, and the federal government.

The multiskills program is divided into 4 levels of skill certificates that can be achieved by a trainee: BSB50114 Certificate I – Multiskilling; BSB5014 Certificate II-Multiskilling; National Award of Recognition in Multiskelling, Australian Apprenticeships Future Skills Short Course Level 1 & 2 (repeatable).

The multi-skills program is also economically beneficial as it reduces unemployment percentages in Australia, decreases the total training cost while maintaining high job retention rates among industries. Employers using multiskilling are able to save money by having their staff trained up in a specific skill area quickly so they can be of service immediately upon employment which will keep costs down.

Further government incentives include tax cuts for companies to multiskill workers and multiskills awards provided by the government.

Training is an essential part of multiskilling as it gives multiskilled employees a qualification in retail, accounting or any other skill area that they choose to acquire multi-skilling in. The multi-skills national training project provides multiskilling apprentices with onsite job training to prepare them for their chosen industry while also providing off-site multi-skills training to make sure that both employers and multiskilled employees are getting what they want from multiskilling. Multiskills courses offered by TAFE provide hands-on experience from industries seeking skilled workforces in Australia.

Multiskills qualifications and scissor lift license can lead to high-earning multiskills careers. Multiskills qualification provides multiskilled employees with the multi-skills and abilities to be employed in a multiskills industry as well as one or more multiskilled skill areas.

Multiskills training is available at different levels of multiskills courses, depending on what the multiskilling student wants to gain from multiskilling.

A certificate III gives you the knowledge and skills that are used in many industries across Australia which can lead to employment within a multiskills hiring company where you can choose to become an apprentice once you have completed your training in multiskilling.

Find out where to go for plant hire Perth for getting many benefits

If you are an owner of a construction company that is small in size or you have just started your business, you might not have enough funds for buying all the plants and equipment that are needed for completing the construction project. It is a very common as well as beneficial practice that is very prevalent in the construction industry where you can easily get access to a wide range of self driven and operated construction equipment that is suitable for large and small site operations. Therefore, it is important for you to find out where to go for plant hire in Perth so that you can easily rent the right kind of plants and equipment that are needed for different construction projects. Since bigger projects require more technologically advanced equipment, it is important that you hire the best equipment for your needs.


When you are thinking of plant hire for your company, you will need to look for a reliable and reputable company that offers a wide range of equipment for the needs of your construction business. You will also be able to hire the best quality equipment in a hassle free manner without the need of spending money on the purchase of the equipment. The equipment that you hire is to date and technologically advanced option that can help you get the desired outcome from the project in an affordable manner. Since the company goes through detailed servicing and testing of the equipment, anything that you hire will be of optimum condition so that you will get high-quality results. Additionally, you will get speedy delivery from the plant hire company that will help you to accomplish different tasks that will ensure that the construction project will be completed successfully. Along with hiring the equipment, you can also benefit from the expertise of the plant hire company because the experts of the company will assist you in the successful completion of the project.

»There will not be any challenges that you might face while hiring the equipment as you will get the best logistics and services offered by the plant hire solutions company. You can select from the wide variety of equipment that is offered for hire so that you will enjoy the best use of the equipment. Along with the hire of the equipment, the company will also offer services for the repairs; maintenance, and installation of the equipment that will help you get a large number of benefits.

Know what is confined space training and its importance.

Confined space is a term used to describe restricted or limited means to entry or exit into a particular area making it unsuitable to continuous occupancy. But there are many kind of work that is carried on these confined space which can be very hazardous for the workers. Eventually working in these spaces can lead to injuries and accidents resulting in death in certain extreme cases. This is the reason why confined space training is extremely important as it helps the workers to understand the hazards of working in confined space. Knowing what is confined space training is not enough but the workers also need to complete the training for making sure that they are well equipped to handle the situations in an effective manner.


Confined space training is the best way of making sure that the workers have adequate emergency response that is needed for protecting the entrant and rescuer from any untoward incidents. It is an effective way of controlling the fatalities that might take place at workplace so that instances of death can be prevented. The training also helps the workers to prevent accidents so that they can get safe entry into the confined spaces. The most common confined spaces include silo, pipe, tunnel, sewer, well, pit tanks and boiler and the training helps the workers to take necessary precautions that are needed for getting out from this situation. The training is very important because it will decrease the rate of accidents and injuries among workers.

Confined space training is very important as it allows the workers to understand the hazards and risks involved in working in these spaces. They will also be trained about the use of different equipment that facilitates safe entry into these spaces. Additionally, they also learn the method of using emergency equipment that helps in getting out from these spaces without a short span of time without compromising safety.


Slidetrack Blinds Review

Australia has beautiful weather. But, sometimes unexpected storms and rains can stop you from enjoying your patio. If you install the best quality outdoor blinds, then you can enjoy your patio seamlessly.

Australian weather can be harsh sometimes. Hence, your blinds should be strong enough to protect you from these weather conditions.

Slidetrack is an Australian company and they manufacture their blinds in Australia. Their outdoor blind’s manufacturing technology is patented. As a result, you won’t find these strong blinds anywhere else.

Slidetrack supplies their outdoor blinds to all the Australian metro cities. This company has been in the blind’s business for over 10 years. They manufacture, supply, and install outdoor blinds. So, use Slidetrack blinds and transform your outdoor area completely.


Slidetrack Blinds Review


1) Multiple Products

Slidetrack manufactures residential and commercial blinds. You can have retractable outdoor blinds and straight roller blinds. These blinds come fully assembled. Moreover. you can operate these blinds manually and automatically (with the help of motors). You can use these blinds on your Veranda and patio.

Slidetrack’s commercial cafe blinds are also remarkable. You can use these blinds to protect your customers from the Sunlight. These blinds have different types of mounting options. Hence, you will find these blinds easy to install.


2) Supreme Quality Blinds

This Australian blinds company manufacture their own blinds. They use high-quality fabrics to manufacture these blinds. So, these blinds can protect you from wind and sun. These blinds have great locking mechanisms. Therefore, you can enjoy your patio during the rainy season. Even, bugs and pests can’t enter through these blinds.

3) Unique Designs

Without great designs, blinds look dull. Hence, Slidetrack offers many types of designs. Most of their designs are patented. So, these blinds are unique. You can also choose different types of colorful outdoor binds from Slidetrack’s website.


4) Custom Blinds

Your patio or cafe can be big. That’s why Slidetrack produces strong and sturdy blinds. These blinds can be 5000 mm wide and 3000 mm in height. So, the blinds can fit perfectly in a big place. You can also order them custom blinds.

These blinds can block out 85% of sunlight. If you prefer a darker place, then you can opt for more dense blackout fabric

(94% and 99%).


5) ISO Certified

Slidetrack’s blinds are certified by ISO. Apart from that. this company has partnered with Ozroll. Ozroll is a reputable company in Australia. Slidetrack’s designs and Ozroll’s technology have made these blinds one of the finest blinds in Australia.


All the above features make these blinds outstanding. These blinds are strong and durable. Hence, they are perfect for residential and commercial places. Slidetrack supplies and install their blinds in all the metro cities in Australia. So, you can order these blinds easily.

You can visit Slidetrack’s website to know more about their outdoor blinds. (




Save Money: Buy Wheel and Tire Packages In Australia

Wheels are an indispensable part of any motor, whether hatchback or even sedan. If these tires and wheels of your vehicle are right, then you can ensure a smooth drive without any hassle while in Australian.

Wheels are also crucial where you and your loved ones’ safety is concerned. If the wheel of your car is the low end, then it can cause various troubles as it will quickly get punctured, will lose its grip very soon, you may not be able to drive appropriately and so on. Just think of a situation when you are heading on to a vacation spot with your spouse, and suddenly due to some greasy material or sand on the road, your car slips and collides into a vehicle coming from the opposite direction. The collision was not your fault and not the mistake of the driver of the other vehicle either. The culprit here actually is your wheels online in Australia. The accident can cause grievous injuries which can take months to heal.

So, it’s always better to buy the best wheel and tire packages to ensure that you have a safe and smooth drive. As saving times remain your top priority, you cannot waste time on repairing the puncture tires. Thus you need to visit the best automobile parts selling website wherein you can find a wide range of automobile products. One of the significant benefits of buying wheels and tires in Australian is that you can save the money of the middlemen and the wholesale manufacturers. When you buy from a retail store, you have to pay extra as they also have to maintain their store and keep the margin for the dealers too.

The manufacturers of the automobile parts maintain the websites. Thus you can save the cuts given to retailers, dealers and the wholesalers. When you compare the price of the wheel and tire packages at any retail stores and the websites, you can find the sites offering the same package at a discounted price. So you can easily save your hard-earned money and buy all your required automobile products at cost-effective prices. The comfort of purchasing the best wheels and tires by sitting at your home comes as an added benefit.

Best Australian Online Pokies Sites

Throughout Australia, gambling fans flock to the best online casinos to enjoy the best Pokies games in the world. If you are looking for the best online pokies Australia, the biggest bonuses and the most exciting game entertainment, you have come to the right place. At the best online pokies Australia, you will access the range of best Pokies on the continent!


We take you to the most exclusive casinos on the Internet, where you can find high-quality gaming software from the leaders of the industry and the largest online jackpots. There are many Australian Online Pokies games that are waiting for you to enjoy them and they guarantee players the best online gaming experience every time. They strive to provide you with the best online Pokies entertainment in Australia and ensure that you enjoy every second you spend spinning the reels.


The best online pokies Australia will make sure that all players have the opportunity to enjoy the highest level of the casino experience. Not only do they offer the best real money casinos, but they can also recommend top-notch websites that provide free and unlimited online Pokies games without compromise or risk.


Players who want to enjoy the action and entertainment of the best Pokies online don’t have to make a deposit. Click on the free games and learn how new games work, have fun with old favorites or practice your skills when making a deposit and play Pokies for real money.


For those who want to win high jackpots and enjoy the thrill of real money games, you will be guided to the best online casinos with the best rewards. All of the websites recommended have proven themselves and allow players to access the biggest jackpots in every successful round. All casinos are safe and the confidentiality of the players is paramount. Real money games are the most popular casino games in Australia and once the earnings start and arrive, it will continue to come. Check out for all your pokie needs.


What is an automotive locksmith

An automotive locksmith usually deals with vehicle locks and keys. He makes keys from originals if the original key has been broken or if the client needs copies of the original key. They are especially useful in emergency lockout situations where keys have been locked in the car. Services provided by automotive locksmiths include but are not limited to: –


1. Emergency unlocking: Automotive locksmiths provide urgent services within a short time in situations whereby the client has been locked out of his or her vehicle.


2. Cylinder changing and servicing: These experts will repair, re-key, and replace the car trunk and door lock cylinders.


3. Ignition switch installation and repair: They repair, change, or install the ignition switches of different vehicles.


4. Special keys: They make most programmable keys, chip, and transponder keys. They also usually carry out the programming of the programmable keys within minutes.


5. Key extraction: In situations whereby a car key has broken while in the lock or ignition, the automotive locksmith can extract or remove the key from the lock as well as fabricate a new key for the lock.


6. Replacing and programming key fobs: some vehicles operate using key fobs/ smart keys, which may have features such as proximity unlock. In cases where the fobs have been lost and need to be replaced, an automotive locksmith can replace and program a new key fob to unlock your vehicle.


7. Customizing remote keys: For various reasons, a client may desire a better remote than that which was provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle. An automotive locksmith can customize the original key or replace it altogether with a better remote than the original or any remote of the client’s choosing.


In a situation whereby the client has lost his/her car keys, the auto locksmith can reprogram the car so that the lost keys can no longer operate the vehicle. Always use a professional automotive locksmith services in Melbourne when in need of any of the above services. This will save you from security issues.