Multiskills Australia Review

Instead of having a multiskilled employee learn skills in typing, computer programming, and financial analysis separately where the employer hires multiple employees for different levels of expertise. Multiskills is a Job Training Developed Specifically For You that aims to make an individual marketable in more than one skill area. Mentoring, training, and job opportunities are all multiskills focuses on creating graduates who can work in any field and perform well.


Multiskills Jobs:

An example of what multi skills Australia offers its students/graduates:

Graduates from multiskill’s programs have been placed into top employers including Commonwealth Bank, Telstra, National Australia Bank as well as Council of Adult Education providers. They can also work in Government offices, TAFE, and multiskills as a multiskill provider themselves to repeat an apprenticeship for multiskills Australia.

Apart from the multiskills Australia logo placed on their business card or CV the following multiskills training may be printed out on paper by graduates: Multiskills Certificate I & II, National Award of Recognition in Multiskilling, Australian Apprenticeships Future Skills Short Course Level 1 & 2 (repeatable).

The multi-skills program rose from a partnership between government, industry, and unions which led to the multiskills national training project. The objective was to develop new multiskilled workers who were able to enter into high-earning jobs. The multiskills program was responsible for developing multiskilled apprentices and multiskilling opportunities in Australia. This led to a multiskill summit which included representatives from unions, state training authorities, and the federal government.

The multiskills program is divided into 4 levels of skill certificates that can be achieved by a trainee: BSB50114 Certificate I – Multiskilling; BSB5014 Certificate II-Multiskilling; National Award of Recognition in Multiskelling, Australian Apprenticeships Future Skills Short Course Level 1 & 2 (repeatable).

The multi-skills program is also economically beneficial as it reduces unemployment percentages in Australia, decreases the total training cost while maintaining high job retention rates among industries. Employers using multiskilling are able to save money by having their staff trained up in a specific skill area quickly so they can be of service immediately upon employment which will keep costs down.

Further government incentives include tax cuts for companies to multiskill workers and multiskills awards provided by the government.

Training is an essential part of multiskilling as it gives multiskilled employees a qualification in retail, accounting or any other skill area that they choose to acquire multi-skilling in. The multi-skills national training project provides multiskilling apprentices with onsite job training to prepare them for their chosen industry while also providing off-site multi-skills training to make sure that both employers and multiskilled employees are getting what they want from multiskilling. Multiskills courses offered by TAFE provide hands-on experience from industries seeking skilled workforces in Australia.

Multiskills qualifications and scissor lift license can lead to high-earning multiskills careers. Multiskills qualification provides multiskilled employees with the multi-skills and abilities to be employed in a multiskills industry as well as one or more multiskilled skill areas.

Multiskills training is available at different levels of multiskills courses, depending on what the multiskilling student wants to gain from multiskilling.

A certificate III gives you the knowledge and skills that are used in many industries across Australia which can lead to employment within a multiskills hiring company where you can choose to become an apprentice once you have completed your training in multiskilling.